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Apricot & Date Chutney   Dried Apricot Conserve   Ginger Chutney
apricot_date_chutney   green_tom_chutney ginger_chutney

A sweet fruit chutney created with apricots, dates and oranges. It will enhance any curry based meal and is at home with the traditional meat sandwich as well.



South Australian dried apricots are the basic ingredient here. Great on toast (with cream of course) and spectacular when used in tarts and patries.


This is one of our newest and best selling products. Originally introduced to us by Ian & Kerry Howlett from South Australia it is perfect with Basmati rice or on any cheese based sandwich.

Blueberry & Pear Relish   Blackberry & Apple Relish Apple & Mint Jelly
blueberry_pear_relish   blackberry_apple_relish apple_mint_jelly

As a savoury fusion of blueberries and pears, this one was created with white meats in mind.


Drizzle it over meats during the cooking process for a spicy 'twang'.


This one is an unusual use for blackberries, but when combined with apples and spices it creates a spectacular accompaniment for white meats.


Great with biscuits and cheese, too!



Whilst this one was created with lamb in mind, it really rocks when used in a cheese sandwich or on biscuits and cheese.


Apple & Chilli Jelly      

An alternative accompaniment for white meats, and, imagine roast turkey, chicken or pork with apple and chilli jelly drizzled over it!






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