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Mountain Kasaundi   Extreme Mountain Kasaundi  

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mountainKASAUNDI   ex_kasaundi   blackberry_apple_new_product

A refreshingly sharp Indian-style relish that offers you greater choices in the kitchen. It's a versatile tomato based product with a strong mustard presence.

- a strong marinade on steak

- a spicy dip when added to Philly Cheese

- wonderful on baked potatoes

- an excellent addition to many Indian dishes



A hotter variation of our very successful Mountain Kasaundi. It can do everything that its predecessor can but with the heat turned up! A stunner with steak on a B.B.Q.


Peach, Apple & Ginger Chutney


Our newest fusion of flavour!


This delicate taste of peach and apple is complimented by the addition of ginger.


The eye catching texture is enhanced by the inclusion of onions and currants.


Chilli, Garlic & Tomato Spread   Tomato Sauce   Hot Chilli Sauce
chilli&garlic   tomato_sauce hot_chilli_sauce

An invigorating addition to your pantry with an obvious chilli presence and a tomato base - it's the rising star in our stable.

- fantastic as a sauce on chicken parmigiana

- add to Greek yogurt for a stunning savoury dip

- a knock-out pizza base

- adds a 'kick' to lasagna



A 'normal' tomato sauce with a minimum amount of spices...unusual for us really!



With tomatoes as its base, this sauce has an obvious strong chilli presence. It won't burn your larynx but it will certainly remind you that you are still alive.


Dead Horse   Apple & Chilli Jelly   Spicy Tomato Chutney
dead_horse   apple_chilli_jelly   spicy_tom_chutney

'Dead Horse', of course, is Australian rhyming slang for sauce. This spicy tomato-based product was made with a B.B.Q. in mind. Like a horse it has a kick...but not enough to unsaddle you!



An alternative accompaniment for white meats, and, imagine roast turkey, chicken or pork with apple and chilli jelly drizzled over it!


A best seller for years!


It has a tomato-base that will enhance any cold meat salad...


Australia Dried Apricots in Tawny Port  

Granny's Apple, Onion & Tomato Chutney


Spicy Pear & Onion Chutney


apple_chutney   grannys_chutney spicy_pear_chutney

Australian dried apricots in tawny port. You don't need a reason to eat these....enjoy!


....and, if you don't like apricot, then just drink the juice.


There's got to be one traditional product in any gourmet range, and this is it. It's the one your granny might have made with a wonderful combination of apples, onions, tomatoes, dried fruit and spices.

An unusual combination, but it has been a favourite with our regular customers for years. It combines a delicate pear flavour with a shot of onion fused with a blend of spices, including cinnamon and cloves.



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